To solve these problems, Rolls-Royce introduced TotalCare, in which the engine manufacturer is responsible for maintaining an engine on the wing for a fee per engine. “It`s like insurance,” Goodhead says. “If an engine goes wrong, we will replace it. With TotalCare, Rolls-Royce and the aircraft operator both have an interest in keeping the engine on the wing. Because royalties are known in advance, operators also have more predictable operating costs and disruptions are minimized. TotalCare is available in a number of options. The first is TotalCare Term, where customers set a time and the number of flying hours they expected an engine to operate. Rolls-Royce then calculates service charges per engine and flight time based on these parameters. The second option is TotalCare Life, where Rolls-Royce charges a constant usd/efh for the engine manufacturer while it is in service. “We first proposed totalCare Life for the Trent 1000 and since then we`ve rolled it out for the other Trents,” says Goodhead. “The service is certainly more expensive, but the variable term is more flexible for operators who do not know exactly how long an aircraft can be operated, especially aircraft rental companies. TotalCare Life also has the advantage of maximizing the value of an engine at every stage of its maintenance cycle and ensuring the risk of an unexpected event.

It proved very popular and most of our customers, who were on TotalCare Term, are now renewing at TotalCare Life. LifeKey is a central component of LessorCare, which was launched a year ago and offers a unique and comprehensive agreement for all types of Trent engines. LessorCare provides faster and easier access to services for homeowners, provides inclusion of services now and in the future, and maximizes the possible return on investment. Rolls-Royce has contracts with 14 customers for LessorCare, which cover nearly half of its agglomeration fleet. Top: Simon Goodson, Rolls-Royce, Senior Vice President РCustomer Business, Civil Aerospace (left) and Lucas Mollan, Technical Director of CoB Aviation.